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  • Passionate Data Science/ Business Intelligence/ Data Analysis candidate with 4+ years’ overall work experience.
  • Skillful R programmer with 4 years. exp. in data visualization, presentation, documentation and products development, modeling and optimizing, predictive modeling, certified by Johns Hopkins Univ. via
  • Proficient in MS SQL & BI tools with 2 year+ experience for DB management such as Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Triggers, Data ETL with SSIS, reporting with SSRS and data visualization with Tableau.
  • With deep understanding Business Strategy consultant with excellent knowledge of marketing, finance, management, info systems and outstanding analyzation, summarization, communication, and team-working skills;
  • Responsible employee, Self-motivated and detail-oriented, also a good team leader and fast-learner.


M. S. in Management Information Systems, Texas A&M International University
B. Econ. in International Business and Economics, Zhongyuan University of Technology


Misdemeanor Justice Project, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, RF-CUNY
Research Analyst
New York, NY, 11/2016 - Present
- Providing Technical Assistance for Mayor’s office of Criminal Justice of NYC as required;
- Performing data cleaning and manipulation with complex and confidential datasets;
- Participating in criminal justice research with data mining, data visualization and analysis.

Rang Tech Inc., Baanyan Software Service Inc.
Intern, Data Scientist, Database Admin./ Business intelligence
Edison, NJ, 12/2015 –10/2016
- Performed as an SQL Server BI Developer and Data Analyst, with SQL Server and BI suits;
- Analysis BI insight with R & Tableau: Interactive data visualization, documentation and presentation, Stats app;
- Regression modeling development and optimization; Classification and clustering;
- Market basket analysis, Time Series analysis and forecasting.

Texas A&M International University
Research Assistant and Data analyst, Stats and Econ.
Laredo, TX, 01/2015 – 12/2015
- Collected data and participated in survey designing and research theory building under professors’ guide;
- Performed data mining and analysis for professor’s research and successfully published;
- Built research with data gathering and mining, published and presented at conferences.

Pepsi Beverage West North-China Region
Regional Brand Executive (Market researcher, Brand specialist)
Zhengzhou, China, 08/2011 – 08/2014
- Participated then helped market research team on data collecting and analysis to support marketing strategy.
- Managed Henan, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia provinces as 12 local market segments with budget of $350MM;
- Managed brand assets, developed branding strategy, planned promotion project and pushing to achieve;
- Market indicators grow significantly, Sales grew 27% and 30% in 2013 and 2014 in peak season, 55% and 60% in Chinese New Year season.

Technical Skills

  • Programming with R:

    • Data manipulation | Modeling and machine learning | Data visualization and product dev.
  • DB/ BI:

    • MS SQL Server/ BI tools (SSIS/SSAS/SSRS) | Other: Tableau, Google Analytics, Hive, Python
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suits:

    • Advanced skills of Excel (Lookups, Pivot table, Advance Functions, VBA Macro, Regression Analysis);
    • Advanced skills of PowerPoint & presentation designing with Photoshop and other media editing tools;
    • Experience with other Microsoft productivity tools (Project, Visio, SharePoint);

Research and Project

Data Scientist internship program
Intern at Rang Technology Inc.
Piscataway, NJ, 11/2015 –05/2016
- Advanced Stats tool skills training: concentrating in R, including: - Regression modeling development and optimization: Linear/ Logistic Regression and optimizing methods such as stepwise regression and LASSO variable selection methods;
- Applied Linear /LASSO regression on a CCAR analysis with the data provided by BNY-Mellon.
- Classification and clustering: CART, Random Forest, knn Clustering etc.
- Market basket analysis with Association rules and lift method, Time Series analysis and forecasting, social network analysis and simple text mining analysis;
- Applied Market basket analysis to a local chained retail company for customer demographic/ behavior research, weekly promo and item bundle program design.
- Advanced and interactive data visualization with ggplot2 package; - Stats app development with Shiny App and Dashboard. Documenting with R markdown and R presentation.
+ Other tools skills training: Tableau/ SQL Server / Python

Projects of M.S. IS. degree program with Data Science Concentration
Program Participant, Project leader at Texas A&M International Univ. Laredo, TX, 08/2014 –12/2015
+ Certificated by <Data Science&rt; Specialization Program provided by John Hopkins University at
+ Developed research for applying machine learning and neural network methods on DDoS attack detection, presented at Texas A&M University System Pathways Student Research Symposium.
+ Developed research about apply data analysis on sport events outcome, built theory from data gathering through data modeling. Was invited and presented on Conference ABDA'15 in Las Vegas.
+ Finished the course projects excellently, including:
- <Click `n Dine, Business Analysis and Plan for an online food ordering app&rt; for Project Mgt. and Design course, finished with a fully functional demo website, a detailed business plan and a high evaluation.
- <Fitness Pal, a digitalizing development of TAMIU Rec center&rt; and <IT management implementation for small business, a local family owned restaurant&rt; for Information System Analysis course;
- <Alcool, E-commerce project planning and analysis&rt; for Management Information system course;
- <Planning and implementing Information system for Local school district assets management&rt; for Database Management & Design, finished with a fully functional demo system and well-designed project proposal.

2012,2013 and 2014 Market Research and Pepsi Branding Programs
Brand Manager, Project Manager at Pepsi Beverage West North-China Region
Zhengzhou, China, 08/2011 - 08/2014
+ Designed and executed major programs including:
- 2011 Tropicana and Mirinda UTC (Under the Cap) promotion program;
- 2012 Pepsi T2 Market Development Program;
- 2013 Chinese New Year seasonal promotion program;
- 2013 “Pepsi Strongest Voice” campus channels developing promotion program;
- 2013 Summer “Live for Now” UTC (Under the Cap) Branding promotion program;
- 2013 Summer Downtown Ice Stands Sales Promotion;
- 2014 Chinese New Year seasonal promotion program;
+ Market indicators grow significantly, Sales grew 27% and 30% in 2013 and 2014 in peak season, 55% and 60% in Chinese New Year season.



  • Team leader and Brand manager at Pepsi Beverage West North-China Region
    • Led 3 people’s branding team with outstanding performances.
  • Representative of China in the 2015 US international education week events of TAMIU.
    • Gave a talk at international students’ conference and Interviewed by local TV.

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